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 Astrology is Enlightenment    

North Node in Virgo / South Node in Pisces 


You are learning that you must bring spirit into matter. Instead of attempting to escape the physical, you must learn how to perfect and improve the physical world by applying your gifts of compassion, spirituality, and healing in practical ways in your daily life. You possess the gift of transmuting negative emotions and pain, and you have a deep understanding and appreciation of the ways in which we are all connected to each other.
Avoid using your spirituality as an escape and a way to avoid the lessons and responsibilities that come with being incarnated in a physical body. When you deny the physical, you begin to take on the role of the victim and the martyr, and the more suffering you experience on the physical plane, the more determined you become to attempt to escape through mystical experiences and spirituality. Keep an eye on the big picture but don't overlook the crucial details that will make it all come together.





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